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Conserto e reparo em instrumentos de sopro
Luthier Siemons confecciona instrumentos de sopro
Brass instrument maker Stefan Siemons
Stefan Siemons is a brass and wind instrument maker with a german diploma. Instruments are being manufactured, repaired, maintained and cleaned in his workshop. Futhermore he offers courses in maintenance and care of instruments.
Atelier de Instrumentos de Sopro Test

Estrada das Palmeiras nº 867
Parque Yara Cecy - 06872-240
Itapecerica da Serra / SP
Tel/Fax: (55) 11 4666-3970

Workshops in our Atelier !

Workshop with Fernando Dissenha ( 1º Trompetplayer from the Synponie Orchestre São Paulo - OESPE) !

Workshop about repairman job in Brass and Woodwinds Instruments. Click on Link: Workshop !

Expo Music 2009 and the International Music Fair in Frankfurt - Germany

O instrumentmaster Stefan Siemons on the  Expo Music in São Paulo ando also pictures from the International Music Fair in Frankfurt-Germany 2009 !



Studio of wind and brass instruments – Brass instrument maker Stefan Siemons produces and manufactures woodwind and brass instruments. Our master gained his title in the field of brass instruments in Germany. We work with woodwind brass instruments as follows: Trombones, French-Horns, Euphoniums, Tubas and Trumpets as well as with Clarinets, Saxophones and Flutes.
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Trombones, trompas, bombardinos, tubas, trompetes, sax, clarinetes, flautas e instrumentos musicais em madeira: clarinetes, saxofones e flautas-transversais.
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